Company NamePacific Coating Supply Ltd. (PCS)
LocationMain Office:

599-2, Shiratake-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-1164, Japan

Yokosuka Office:

1-15-4 #205, Hinode-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 238-0006, Japan

HistoryPCS was founded in 2003 with its Main office located in Sasebo.

Commenced the supply business of the military use Coating Material and Decking Material in Yokosuka in the same year.

Our major business was to supply US Naval Vessels’ preservation materials and tools, when we started. Then we have been trying to develop the business in US Military Facilities fields including Petroleum Fuel Tank Farms etc. We are currently in the process of Sole Distributorship Agreement exchange with Sherwin William’s Protective and Marine Coating Division and also PolySpec Polysulfide Coating Material for Petroleum Fuel Tanks.

We also have Sole Distributorship agreement with Canam Mineral for Kleen Blast except US Naval Vessel use.

We are extending the same material services to provide them to Guam, Philippines, Korea and Taiwan and other Asian Countries.


Coating Material, Decking Material, Coating and Measurement Tools, Abrasive Blasting Grits, Environmental Protection Containment, Military use welding materials and others.


Kazuyoshi Yamahoka, President