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CategoryMIL-Spec DescriptionRex NumbersColorsSizeMix Ratio(base:catalyst)
TT-P-28HTT-P-28HN43S150Aluminum #1711781 gallonN/A
High Heat Aluminum Silicone, Single ComponentSolvent R1K45 gallonN/A
TT-P-645BTT-P-645B, F84N42Y100Yellow1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Canceled and replaced byZinc Molybdate Alkyd Primer, Single ComponentN42G110WhiteN/A
TT-P-645CTT-P-645C, F84N42G110Green #342301 & 5 N/A
TT-P-645CAlkyd Primer, Single ComponentN42Y110 (pending)Yellow (pending)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Solvent R1K45 gallon N/A
MIL-E-1115D, F30MIL-E-1115D, F30N42W200White (color 17886)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
(cancelled and replaced byWhite Alkyd, Interior & Exterior, Single ComponentN42WB202White (color 17875)
MIL-DTL-1115E, Amend 1, F30MIL-DTL-1115E, Amend 1, F30N42W210White (color 17886)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
MIL-DTL-1115E, Amend 1, F30MIL-DTL-1115E, Amend 1, F30 Alkyd Interior and ExteriorN42WB212Blue White 17875)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Solvent R1K45 gallonN/A
MIL-PRF-4556FMIL-PRF-4556F920-Y-264 (base)Yellow Primer5 gallon kits4:1
(Cancelled and replaced by Epoxy, Two-Component920-W-A18 (base)Off-White Topcoat
MIL-PRF-23236D, Class 5)REPLACED with Mil 23236 Type VI Seaguard 5000 HS below700-C-822 (catalyst)
MIL-DTL-15090D, F111MIL-DTL-15090D, F111N45A100Light Gray1 & 5 gallonsN/A
(cancelled)Light Gray Equipment Enamel, Single Component
MIL-DTL-15090E, Amend 1, F111MIL-DTL-15090E, Amend 1, F111 Light Gray EnamelN45A110Light Gray #263071 & 5 gallonsN/A
Solvent R1K45 gallon N/A
MIL-PRF-22750FMIL-PRF-22750FN12-100 Series (base)Various, high gloss5 gallon kits4:1
(cancelled)Epoxy, Two-ComponentN12-200 Series (base)Various, semi gloss
Topcoat For Aircraft & Ground Support EquipmentN12-300 Series (base)Various, low gloss
N12V100 (catalyst)1970-01-01 00:00:00
MIL-PRF-22750GMIL-PRF-22750G, Type I and IIF91 Series (base)1970-01-01 00:00:00
Epoxy, Two-ComponentF92 Series (base)Various, high gloss5 gallon kits4:1
(available now)Topcoat For Aircraft & Ground Support EquipmentF93 Series (base)Various, semi gloss
V93V228 (catalyst)Various, low gloss
Solvent R91K205 gallon kits
Mineral SpiritsMineralR1K4Clear5 gallon
MEKMethyl Ethyl KetoneR6K10Clear5 gallon
MAKMethyl -n-Amyl KetoneR6K30Clear5 gallon
T-Buthyl AccetateSolvent for cleaningRK221Clear5 gallon
Epoxy Type CleanerEpoxy SolventR7K54Clear5 gallon
Epoxy Type Cleaner/reducerEpoxy Solvent / reducerR7K104Clear5 gallon
Epoxy Type ReducerEpoxy Solvent / reducerR7K130 Clear5 gallon
Epoxy Type ReducerEpoxy ReducerR91K20Clear5 gallon
VMP NapthaAF Reducer P30R1K3Clear5 gallon
DuraPlate 235MIL-PRF-23236D, Type V, Class 7, Grade CB67HA235 (base)Buff1 & 5 gallon kits4:1
(must be topcoated with DuraPlate UHS)Epoxy, Two-Component, Ballast, Anti CorrosiveB67VB235 (catalyst)
Solvent R7K1045 gallon
SeaGuard 5000 HSMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VI, Class 5, 7, Grade CN11R350 (base)*Red10 gallon kits1:1
Epoxy, Two-ComponentN11W350 (base)Off-White* 2 gallon kits
Ballast and Fuel, Anti-CorrosiveN11B350 (base)Black
N11A350 (base)*Gray
N11H350 (base)Buff
Seaguard 5000 HSN11V350 (catalyst)Clear1's and 5's
Solvent R7K130*Clear5 gallon
DuraPlate UHS Primer & TopcoatMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 5, 7, 9, 11 Grade CB62H210 (base)Buff Primer*5 gallon kits4:1
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-ComponentB62L210 (base)OAP Blue Primer*
Ballast and Fuel, Anti-CorrosiveB62W210 (base)White Topcoat*
Potable Water (* are ONLY approved potable water colors)B62AW210 (base)Haze Gray Topcoat
Class 11 feedwater for non-nuclear applications onlyB62BW210 (base)Black Topcoat
B62V210 (catalyst)Clear*
(Green catalyst to be mixed with white topcoat)B62GV210 (catalyst)Green*
(Light Gray catalyst to be mixed with white topcoat)B62AV210 (catalyst)Light Gray
NovaPlate UHS Primer & TopcoatMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 5, 7, 13, 19 Grade CB62H220 (base)Buff Primer5 gallon kits4:1
(Fast and Standard Cure Hardener)Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-ComponentB62L220 (base)OAP Blue Primer
Ballast and Fuel, Anti-CorrosiveB62W220 (base)White Topcoat
Chemical Holding & Transfer (CHT)B62A220 (base)Gray Topcoat
Well Deck Overheads, Sprayable Dielectric ShieldsB62V220 (catalyst)Clear
(Green catalyst to be mixed with white topcoat)B62GV220 (catalyst)Green
(220 is fast cure catalyst, 221 is standard cure catalyst)B62V221 (catalyst)Clear
(Green catalyst to be mixed with white topcoat)B62GV221 (catalyst)Green
Fast Clad ERMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 5, 7, 17, and B62L230 (base)OAP Blue10 gallon kits1:1
Class 5/18, 7/18, 13/18,17/18, Grade CB62W230 (base)White
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-Component, Rapid CureB62AW230 (base)Haze Gray
B62RW230 (base)Red Oxide
Ballast, Fuel, CHT, and Bilge, Anti-Corrosive, Single CoatB62V230(catalyst)Clear
(Green catalyst to be mixed with white)B62GV230 (catalyst)Green
(Gray catalyst to be mixed with white)B62AV230 (catalyst)Light Gray
Fast Clad PrimerMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Cl. 5, 7, 13, 17, Grade CB62L245 (base)OAP Blue10 gallon kits1:1
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-ComponentB62V245 (catalyst)Clear
Ballast, Fuel, CHT, and Bilge Anti-Corrosive
Rapid Cure Wetting Primer For Fast Clad ER
(for heavily pitted substrates)
Solvent R6K10Clear5 gallon
ExpressCote HCRPending approval to B62W250 (base)White15 gallon kit2:1
MIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 5, 7, 13, 19 Grade CB62A250 (base)Haze Gray
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-Component, Rapid CureB62V250 (catalyst)Clear
Ballast, Fuel, CHT, Well Deck Overhead, Anti-Corrosive
Solvent R6K10Clear5 gallon
EuroNavy 301 SeriesMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 7, 15b, 17 Grade B, C5 gallon kits4:1
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-Component1 gallon kits1970-01-01 00:00:00
Ballast, Anti-Corrosive301L N/A
(301K is standard temp)Bilge (Surface Tolerant)ES301K (base N02MILK12Dark Gray 26270
(301S Special order * ES301K (base-N02MILK63)Red Oxide (20109)
ES301K (base-N02MILK83)Moss Green (24272)
Other MIL-Spec Colors Available Such As ES301K (base-N02MILK05)Lt. Gray (26622)
Haze Gray (26270), Black (27038) , and White (27886) CA301K (catalyst-N02CA301K)Clear
Solvent R6K10Clear5 gallon
*colors Red oxide #20109 , White #27886, Light Gray 26622ES301S (N020MILS 5 gallon Kits
1 gallon kits
Powder, Epoxy, Single Component
Ballast, Anti-Corrosive
Fast Clad Brush GradeMIL-PRF-23236D, UHS Touch-Up Coating, Two-ComponentB62W240 (base)White1/2 gallon kit1:1
B62V240 (catalyst)Clear
Fast Clad Brush Grade(Gray catalyst to be mixed with white)B62AV240 (catalyst)Light Gray1/2 gallon kit
OAP Blue Touch UpB62L240Blue OAP
SherPlate PWMIL-PRF-23236D, Type VII, Class 9/18, Grade CB62W260 (base)White10 gallon kits1:1
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-Component, Rapid CureB62L260 (base)Blue
B62V265 (OAP catalyst)Clear
MIL-DTL-24441D, Type IIIMIL-DTL-24441D, Type IIIN10G350 (base)Green-F150 /20B2 & 10 gallon kits1:1
Epoxy, Two-ComponentN10V350 (green catalyst)
Ballast, Fuel, Feedwater, Anti-CorrosiveN10A351 (base)Haze Gray-F151 /21B
N10W352 (base)White-F152 /22B
N10V351 (white catalyst)
N10A353 (base)Dark Gray-F153 /23B
N10V351 (dark gray catalyst)
N10R356 (base)Red-F156 /26B
N10V356 (red catalyst)
N10A359 (base)Epoxy Zinc-F159 /19C2.5 gal Kit
N10V359 (epoxy zinc catalyst)
MIL-DTL-24441D, Type IVMIL-DTL-24441D, Type IVN10G450 (base)Green-F150 /29B2 & 10 gallon kits1:1
Epoxy, Two-ComponentN10V450 (green catalyst)
Ballast, Fuel, Anti-CorrosiveN10A451 (base)Haze Gray-F151 /30B
N10V451 (haze gray catalyst)
N10V451 (white catalyst)
N10A453 (base)Dark Gray-F153 /32B
N10V451 (dark gray catalyst)
N10R456 (base)Red-F156 /35B
N10V456 (red catalyst)
N10Y458 (base)Yellow-F158 /37B
N10V458 (yellow catalyst)
Pending approval to
MIL-DTL-24441, Type VIMIL-DTL-24441, Type VIN10WW500 (base)White1 & 5 gallons4:1
Ultra-High Solids Epoxy, Two-ComponentN10VW500 (catalyst)
Single Coat, Reserve Feedwater
MIL-PRF-24596B, Amend 1MIL-PRF-24596B, Class 1 & 2, Grade A, Appl. A, B, C, D, EN41W300Soft White278801 & 5 gallonsN/A
(other colors available)N41A300Bulkhead Gray26307Min 50 gal
DOD-E-24607ADOD-E-24607AN41L100Clipper Blue (24516)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Chlorinated Alkyd, Single ComponentN41L101Pastel Blue (25526)
N41A100Bulkhd Gray (26307)
N41A102Pearl Gray (26493)
N41A103Gray (26496)
blue (35044), mushroom (20372), tan (20460), N41W100Soft White (27880)
purple (27142), brick red (20109), and white (27875)N41Y100Yellow (23697)
N41A101Yellow-Gray (26400)
MIL-DTL-24607B, Amend 2MIL-DTL-24607B, Amend 2N41L151Pastel Blue (25526)1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Chlorinated Alkyd, Single ComponentN41W151Bright White (27925)
N41A150Bulkhd Gray (26307)
N41A152Pearl Gray (26493)
N41G150Pastel Green (24585)
N41W152White (27875)
N41H150Beach Sand (22563)
N41W150Soft White (27880)
N41Y150Sun Glow (23697)
N41W151Bright White (27925)
N41N151Tan (20460)
Other colors available upon requestN41R151Brick Red (20109)
N41R152Red (22144)
MIL-PRF-24635E, Type IIMIL-PRF-24635E, Type II, Class 1, 2, 3 & Grade A, B, CN40 SeriesNumerous1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Silicone Alkyd, Single ComponentSee Catalog
Type II: <340 g/L VOC
Class 1: High GlossN40 TB 100 Class 1,Grade A Tint base
Class 2: Semi GlossN40 TB 200 Class 2, Grade ATint base
Class 3: Low GlossN40 TB 300 Class 3, Grade ATint base
Grade A: Standard Pigment
Grade B: Low Solar Absorption
Grade C: Low Solar Absorption and Rust Stain Resistant
MIL-PRF-24635E, Type IIIMIL-PRF-24635E, Type III, Class 1, 2, 3 & Grade A, B, CNCP Outside BuyNumerous1 & 5 gallonsN/A
Silicone Alkyd, Single ComponentN-7224 ,class 2,Grade BHaze gray 26270
Type III: <250 g/L VOCN-8140,class 2,Grade BDeck Gray 26008under 30 gallons
Class 1: High GlossN-8142,class 2,Grade BOcean Gray 26173
Class 2: Semi GlossN-8147,class 2,Grade BLight Gray 26373
Class 3: Low GlossN-7431, class 2,Grade CHaze Gray 26270
Grade A: Standard PigmentN-7763,class 3,Grade AFlat Black 37038over 100 gallons
Grade C: Low Solar Absorption and Rust Stain Resistant
PXLE-80 HAPS FreeMIL-PRF-24635E, Type V, Class 2, Grade BB80AW650 LSA (base)Haze Gray (26270)1 & 5 gallons4:1
MIL-PRF-24635E, Type V Class 2,Polysiloxane, Two ComponentB80AW651 LSA (base)Deck Gray (26008)
Grade BType V: <250 g/L VOC, High Durability B80AW652 LSA (base)Ocean Gray (26173)
Class 2: Semi GlossB80AW653 LSA (base)Light Gray (26373)
Grade B: Low Solar AbsorptionB80V600 (catalyst)Clear
MIL-PRF-24635E, Type V, Class 1, Grade AB80BW600 (base)Black (17038)
Class 1: GlossB80LW600 (base)Blue (15182)
Grade A: Standard PigmentationB80EW600 (base)Orange/red (12199)
B80RW600 (base)Red (11105)
Note that the gloss colors are approved B80WW600 (base)White (17925)
for both USCG & Navy anchor chain projectsB80YW600 (base)Yellow (13538)
B80HW600 (base)Spar (10371)
B80V600 (catalyst)Clear
MIL -PRF-24647 EMIL-PRF-24647E, Type II, Class 1, Grade B, Appl. 1, 2, 3, 4
Underwater Hull (3, 7 & 12 years), High Speed Approval
SeaGuard 5000 HSEpoxy, Two-ComponentN11R350 (base)Red10 gallon kits1:1
N11W350 (base)Off-White
N11B350 (base)Black
N11A350 (base)Gray
N11H350 (base)Buff1970-01-01 00:00:00
N11G350 (base)Green1970-01-01 00:00:00
N11V350 (catalyst)Clear
SeaGuard Ablative AFAnti-foulant, Single ComponentP30RQ10Red5 gallonsN/A
P30BQ12Black5 gallons
MIL-PRF-24647E, Type II, Class 3, Grade A & B, Appl. 1 & 2
SeaGuard AblativeAnti-foulant, Single ComponentP30RQ10Red5 gallonsN/A
MIL-PRF-24647E, Type I, Class 1 and 2
Grade A & B, Appl. 1, 4
Underwater Hull (3 years), High Speed Approval
SeaGuard 5000 HSEpoxy, Two-ComponentN11R350 (base)Red10 gallon kits1:1
N11W350 (base)Off-White
N11B350 (base)Black
N11A350 (base)Gray
N11H350 (base)Buff1970-01-01 00:00:00
N11G350 (base)Green1970-01-01 00:00:00
N11V350 (catalyst)Clear
SeaVoyage Copper Free AFAnti-foulant, Single ComponentN51R301Red5 gallonsN/A
American Safety Technologies Non-SkidMIL-PRF-24667C Non-Skid
Full Line of Approved Products PrimerMS-7CZGray or Buff1 & 4 gallon kitsKit
List Here Is A Small Sampling Type I (high durability), Comp G Non-SkidMS-400GDark Gray5 gallon kitKit
Type I (high durability), Comp G Non-SkidMS-440GDark Gray5 gallon kitKit
Type II (standard durability), Comp G Non-SkidMS-375GDark Gray5 gallon kitKit
3M/LAB Peel & Stick Non-SkidMIL-PRF-24667C Type XI, Comp PSSafety Walk 700 Series Coarse
Peel and Stick Non-SkidUSCG 770 SeriesGrayKits/pieces/rollsQuote
Navy 710 SeriesBlackKits/pieces/rollsQuote
NCP Polysiloxane Non-SkidMIL-PRF-24667C Comp G Non Skid
Primer (all types)Seaguard 5000 HSVarious colors 10 gallon kits1:1 mix
Type 1-High durability,rollableType I and IV, Comp G Non-SkidNCP Siloxogrip N-9020A/BDark Gray 5 gallon kit
Type IV - Standard durability,SprableType X Comp G Non-SkidNCP Siloxogrip N-9020A/BBlack 5 gallon kit
Type X- SubmergedColor ToppingNCP SiloxoShield 1 KVarious colors 1 and 5 gallon1 part
NCP-1K N-9999Haze Gray 1 and 5 gallon1 part
NCP-1K N-10044Dark Gray 1 and 5 gallon1 part
NCP MIL-PRF-24763 NCP-6975 Haze Gray 1 and 5 gallon 1 part
ArmorSeal 650 SL/RCMIL-PRF-32171B, Type I and III, Class 2
High Durability Deck CoatingsB58-650 Series (base)Numerous5 gallon kitKit
Type I: Interior decks Type II Submarine Interior decksB60VQ655 (catalyst) 5 gallon kitKit
Type III: Weather decks
Class 2: High gloss
MIL-PRF-85285D Ordnance PolyurethaneMIL-PRF-85285D, Type II, Class HF91WC600 (base)White (17925)1 gallon kit3:1
Fed 595B Color #17925V66V255 (catalyst)
For piping, tanks, support equipment
Heat Flex 3500Anti-SweatB59W350White5 gallonsN/A
OR(anti-condensing coating for
Kefa Airless 8125 uninsulated bulkhead, piping)Kefa Airless 8125White5 gallonsN/A
David Taylor Research Center EpoxyPer NAVSEA drawings 5808333 and 5808334N10B8333 (base)Black2 gallon kits1:1
For submarine exteriors under SHT tileN10Y8333 (yellow)Yellow
(In transition to MIL-DTL-32467)MIL-DTL-32467/1 to be black, MIL-DTL-32467/2 to be yellowN10V8333 (catalyst)
USACE VinylsImpacted immersion vinyl coatings used on locks and dams
Formula V-102eB64S102Aluminum5 gallonsN/A
Formula V-103cB64B320Black5 gallonsN/A
Formula V-106dB64R320Dark red oxide5 gallonsN/A
Formula V-766eB64A300Gray5 gallonsN/A
Formula V-766eB64W300White5 gallonsN/A
Formula VZ-108d Zinc RichB64R300Red4.5 gallonsKit
Formula VZ-108d Zinc RichB64C300Silane additive3 ouncesKit